Nominatons for the 2014 Broads Awards are Now closed

Nominatons for the 2014 Broads Awards are Now closed

Postby TudorRose » Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:48 am

Please nominate your choice of business for each of the categories. You may nominate 2 businesses in each.

The 3 businesses with most nominations in each will go forward to the Voting stages

You have until 10pm on Saturday 23rd August to decide.Voting will commence shortly after.

The 'Broads Awards' are being held on Saturday 25th October at The Broadshaven Tavern, Potter Heigham. Everyone will be welcome to attend the event which will consist of a carvery dinner followed by the Awards Ceremony and then evening entertainment. (Ticket prices to be confirmed).

The categories for 2014 are as follows:-

Most Child Friendly Pub
Most Dog Friendly Pub
Best Broadland
Best Broadland Pint
Best Pub Food
Best Pub Music Venue
Best Local Shop
Best Cafe
Best Family Attraction
Best Broadland Moorings
Best Hireboat Yard (Small Fleet)
Best Hireboat Yard (Large Fleet)
Best Boat Services
Best Boat & Angling Supplies
Most Improved Business of The Year

Site Awards (for Members)

NBO Member of the Year
Best Members Photograph

In addition to these categories special Admin Awards for Outstanding Achievement will be given where deemed appropriate. These could cover a Restoration Project (or New build), Best Junior Contributor, Outstanding Bravery or any other category not previously mentioned. If you feel any business or person should receive an outstanding achievement award please post who and your reasons or PM myself, Pete or Hank with details.

Nomination Requirements and Guidelines

Each member is now entitled to make 2 nominations per category

Please read the first post of the nomination threads carefully where it describes the nature of the Award and nominate accordingly.

All business nominations (with exception of Best Family Attraction ) must be with close proximity to the riverside.

Where a nomination asks for a specific link please insert one or the nomination will be null and void.

Any nominations not fulfilling the above criteria will be removed.

Any posts on these threads which are not nominations will be removed. If discussion is required then please start a fresh thread.

Any category receiving less than 3 nominations will be dropped from this years voting.
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Re: Nominatons for the 2014 Broads Awards are Now Closed

Postby petemarr » Sat Aug 23, 2014 9:11 pm

All nominations have now been completed, and the top 3 in each category will go forward to the voting stage. Your chance to vote will be posted shortly.
So watch this space.
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