Jo C’s Norfolk Ales closes

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Jo C’s Norfolk Ales closes

Postby hank » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:30 pm

Jo C’s Norfolk Ales has ceased production as owner Jo Coubrough has decided to step back from the industry.
Vegan brewery Boudicca Brewing Company, which had been contract brewing at Jo C’s West Barsham site, will take over full-time operations from February with head brewer Andy Mitchell continuing on with Boudicca.
Mrs Coubrough said she was leaving the beer game as it had gone from a hobby to a 24/7 job.
“Never did I imagine that my beers would be greeted with such enthusiasm and win so many awards, or that my business would grow so successfully that it would take over my life to the extent that it has,” she said. “There’s no doubt that being busy is a great situation to be in, but what was originally a one-day-a-fortnight hobby venture – albeit a tremendously enjoyable and rewarding one – has steadily grown into a full-time 24/7 job.”
She added she had already received some interest in the brand being bought and hoped it might be revived in the future.
Boudicca is hoping to use the permanent facilities to expand its reach further across Norfolk and to release bottled beers.
Co-founder Emma Pinder, who launched the brewery with Helen and Simon St Ruth, said: “We have known Jo for a number of years and when she told us she was thinking about stopping we agreed to buy her equipment.
“It means we can continue to brew on the same site with the same water, which is important.
“At the moment we are in quite a lot of pubs in Norwich but we want to reach more of the villages and rural areas.”
Ms Pinder said she hoped a permanent site would help with scheduling as well as giving the brewery the opportunity to produce more beers.
Boudicca’s beers are all vegan society approved as the company does not use animal products to clarify its brews.
Many brewers use isinglass, taken from fish swim bladders, however Boudicca uses a mineral-based fining agent for the process.
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