villagers in Wroxham kick up stink over smell

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villagers in Wroxham kick up stink over smell

Postby hank » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:25 am

People in a Norfolk village are being subjected to pungent smells and noise, because a development of more than a hundred homes has still not been connected to the main sewer. Instead, waste from homes in Wroxham’s Wherry Gardens development is being sent to a large septic tank, which a tanker has to empty practically every day.
That happens right under the noses of people living in nearby Salhouse Road, who have complained of foul smells and noise.
The first resident moved into the Hopkins Homes development 18 months ago and parish council chairman Barry Fiske said it was “shameful and unacceptable” the houses had yet to be connected to the main sewer.
He said the parish council had been trying to establish with Hopkins Homes and Anglian Water why that was the case, Mr Fiske said: “It’s become an intolerable level of nuisance to people in Wherry Gardens and to those in Salhouse Road, who have had to put up with noise and smell, two pretty unpleasant pollutions.
“Hopkins Homes and Anglian Water are both big conglomerates. It’s shameful and unacceptable that this is allowed to go on and on.”
Simon Bryan, development director at Hopkins Homes, said: “We apologise to local residents for the disruption caused by the temporary drainage arrangements.
“We contacted Anglian Water last year to connect the development and we have paid a contribution for improvements to be made to an off-site pumping station. As per the original schedule Anglian Water will complete these works by the end of March 2017.”
He added: “While the emptying of the tank can sometimes be inconvenient it is perfectly safe and poses no risk to neighbours of the site.”

Anglian Water confirmed work would be done.
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