Dwile Flonking World Championships 2016

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Dwile Flonking World Championships 2016

Postby TudorRose » Fri Apr 08, 2016 12:54 pm

Press Release sent out today.

A Flonking Great Afternoon Out!

The Flippin Pippin Flonkers from Coventry became World Champions in 2010 and reclaimed their title in 2015 making them the only double title holders. Will they make it a hat-trick or is there a team poised to stop them?

The Annual Dwile Flonking World Championships sponsored by Winter’s Brewery in Norwich are being held on Saturday 6th August 2015 at The Dog Inn, Ludham Bridge, Norfolk NR 29 5NY Tel: 01692 630321. This is a really fun day and previously drew media attention from all over the world at the inaugural championships in 2010.

We are now recruiting teams preferably of 8 -10 players to join in the fun and get the chance to become a World Champion. Camping pitches are free to all competitors. Please contact us via the Dwile Flonking World Championships Facebook page or telephone The Dog Inn to enter a team or reserve camping pitches.

If you can’t form a full team, but fancy a ‘Flonk’ just come along on the day and form a team with other hopefuls.
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Re: Dwile Flonking World Championships 2016

Postby alanplayford » Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:41 pm

It WAS a great day out, TudorRose! OK, only two teams again this year, but better than just one?!
The Pippin Flonkers retained their title, winning the last 2 rounds after succumbing to a shock defeat in round 1.

But we really need to advertise this as much as possible, to make it into a real "winners take all" event?
So please - if you can - advertise the event for next year, grab a few friends and form a team, publicise the rules (NBO version, available on this website), dress in yokel attire (makes it all the better!) and come and flonk yer dwiles!
The Ludham Dog hosts this, and all thanks to them for the facilities and the arrangements.
As I say, tremendously good fun, and worth turning up to view, or even compete hopefully?
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