Selby to the Royal Armouries Leeds

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Selby to the Royal Armouries Leeds

Postby Chris'n'Dave » Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:01 pm

W had a smashing couple of days exploring Selby, the Abbey is impressive and the Monday Market was lively although not very big, we had a walk around the Chandlers and a look at the boats for sale, we are not looking for another boat but more of looking for inspirations for modifications we might make in the future, nothing took our fancy but it was interesting to see a 60 x 12 wide beam under construction having its ballast installed Steel Blocks were being used and being laid following a computerised ballast plan that compensates for fuel and water tanks.

We plan to be in Leeds for tea time and we have shopped for a couple of days fresh food and we always keep a couple of days or more in tinned and dried goods just in case, one of the challenges on a boat is cooking, we do have a full size cooker, oven grill and microwave but with us its keeping cold stuff cold, our 3 way fridge is a bit small, old and inefficient and is on our project list to be replaced with a standard sized electric only fridge, our experience and research has shown that a domestic fridge will only draw 50watts while compressing which means we can easily run this through the invertor while on the move and shore power use will be 10% of the shore power we use now and have a freezer box for ice and ice cream! the end result will mean we can hold a few extra days of fresh provisions and a more efficient way of keeping it fresh lol.

So shopping put away and the usual checks to make sure we are good to go, we have a little water in the bilge presumably from the stern gland, the stern gland is packed with grease that needs to be topped up by tightening a plunger that is filled with grease forcing the grease into the void between the glands forming a seal and lubrication the shaft at the same time, this should be a daily thing to do but mine is so hard to get too it sometimes gets left until I see a but of water in the bilge which I can see today, so checks done, stern gland lubricated, engine starts up and warming while we make sure we have not forgotten anything, we untie and Chris walks down to the road bridge while i slip out from the mooring and head towards the exit of the canal head, I hover for a few minutes while waiting for the bridge to swing and pass through and tie up and wait for Chris to close the bridge and lift the barriers to allow the traffic to flow again.

Chris onboard we retrace our route back to the Aire and Calder at Castleford, the last manual lock done it is 2.00 and we have worked up an appetite and we are ready for some lunch, we head for Lemonroyd, this is a very deep lock near a place called Woodlesford, there is a nice Marina there and good canal side moorings open to the public so we decide that is where we will eat our Pork Pies and salad obtained from the Pork Butchers in Selby. and very nice it was too washed down with a nice cold can of John Smiths Smooth, the ensuing gap in the fridge is re-occupied by more cans of John Smiths for later, suitably nourished Chris washes the pots and I untie us and get on the next leg, we are on time for a 5.00 arrival which is a little late in the day to arrive if you need electric tokens but we still have a few in hand, as the countryside gives way to urbanisation the city of Leeds approaches, the entrance to the Marina at the armouries is a simple left through a lock and into the basin, The basin has the armouries and public moorings on the left side and on the right hand side are the private moorings, we manage to get the last mooring with electric hook up and et ourselves plugged in and tied up for the night, there is a fantastic smell of indian food wafting across the Marina from the adjacent Indian Restaurant, mmm, we decide to go for a stroll and explore the area, the marina and surrounding area look a little abandoned, lots of properties to rent, one of which was a casino and a James Martin Restaurant, an empty night club on the plus side the Museum is only 50 yards from where we are moored and the smell of the Indian proves to be enough for us to abandon our planned steak and Jacket Potato with garlic mushrooms in favour of a mixed kebab starter and Butter Chicken, really good food, the surroundings were very cosmopolitan and although the bill was a bit more than we usually pay it was worth it for the flavour and service. back to the boat and beer while we chill and watch a bit of TV, the nice thing about a city is that the TV signal is usually excellent, the downside is the sound of emergency sirens, but too tired to care too much, the fresh air knocks it out of you even though you are not doing anything too strenuous, so an early night is agreed and no alarm clock set, tomorrow Christine is going into the city to do some retail therapy while I spend the day in the Royal Armouries. we plan to head back to Goole the day after tomorrow, we plan to leave early and try and get back to Goole in one day the Journey time will be around 10 to 12 hours with and hour for lunch.

The Armouries were well worth the visit, the last time I went to the armouries was around 25 years ago and is a fantastic collections of weaponry through the ages and without Chris I was able to take as much time as I wanted to explore and research one of my favourite topics, if you get the chance and your are interested in weapons it is well worth a visit, and its free!
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