Villagers back bid to reopen footpath in Reedham

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Villagers back bid to reopen footpath in Reedham

Postby hank » Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:08 pm

The permissive footpath in Reedham which linked the village on Station Road to the riverside public footpath was a popular walk for locals for around 30 years. However, in September 2015, the path was closed for health and safety reasons by the Broads Authority.
Upset locals have been taking steps to show their collective support to get the footpath reopened - with more than 200 people taking part in a village walk this week.
Ann Horwitz who took part in the walk said: “Villagers were very disappointed when it was closed down, particularly as they had not been informed this was happening. “It provided a beautiful walk along the river, access to the Broads and was a lot safer than the alternative walk along the road which does not have a pavement. “It was enjoyed by villagers, visitors, ramblers and was also a link for local businesses. “We arranged the walk so that the villagers of Reedham could show their support for the reinstatement of the footpath by the Parish Council, Norfolk County Council and the Broads Authority.”
Miss Horwitz added that the landowner of the site has granted permissive rights for the path to be reopened.
Though in September 2016, steps and a bridge along the path were taken down. Donations have been coming in to go towards the footpath. This week’s walk started at Reedham Village Hall and ended at Humpty Dumpty Brewery who sponsored the walk and provided Footpath Ale and other refreshments for the walkers.
More than £850 was raised from local businesses and donations by villagers.
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